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On this wiki you can pick a Star Wars character (Hero or Villain) and go into chat and begin roleplaying. Admins are permitted two characters. If you so desire you can create a page for your character or link it to Wookiepedia. Have fun and May the Force be with You!

Roleplay Rules


The Star Wars universe

First of all, pick a character, you need to message me your character choice so that I can approve it. Admins can have 2 characters. Once I have given the OK for your character, you are ready to roll. We enter the chat section and we can roleplay as our chosen characters. The character you select is yours, and you will use it in all of their incarnations, in all of the necessarry time periods. However as a result of the freedom the wiki offers, we can have Darth Maul dueling Luke Skywalker, or have Obi-Wan meet up with someone he's never met before! PM is for out of character chat. Remember stay in character, foul language is not suggested but if in a certain situation that's how your charcter would behave, then it's OK. However if I saw someone playing as Yoda dropping F-Bombs, I would give them a 3 Day ban, if it persists, permanent ban. Those are the rules, and remember HAVE FUN!

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